The promise of WARMTH draws you in. Enter barefoot. Leave ‘usual’ at the door. Throw a log on the fire. Listen to the crackling and low conversation. A glowing space.

Woodsmoke; timber; benches; the contrast of the traffic outside with the crackling of the fire inside; a hearth to gather round, extending each day quietly into the evening; WARMTH.

The sauna is a rexlaxing, sensory + disarming space. Temperatures vary between 80-100c, with humidity adjusted by adding water to the stones, producing a light steam. 

Sauna-bathing stimulates circulation, stimulates the release of endorphins, relieves stress, relaxes muscles, soothes aches and can induce deeper sleep. The negative ions released by the stove into the air are also beneficial… I’ll write more when I’ve properly researched negative ions (bit confusing). Basically, life always feels great when you’ve had a sauna.

WARMTH is built in a converted horse trailer using top quality Finnish thermo-Aspen timber and a powerful Estonian wood-burning stove. The stove heats the sauna up to 80-100c, with hot stones + fresh water to create the perfect löyly - Finnish for sauna-steam.

- fully timber clad, with two tiers of benches
- wood burning stove with peridotite rocks
- logs drying under the benches
- bucket/scoop to splash water on the rocks
- a selection of oils [eucalyptus, camphor, pine] to scent the steam
- a fire-resistant felt roof
- wipeable black rubber floor
- slatted wooden floor decking

We've been to yards, streets, fields, live art festivals, music venues and artist residencies all over the UK. Follow us on the road with WARMTH mobile sauna.