Recent comments from our Visitors' Book at WARMTH sauna:

So great, transcendent. Don’t think I’ll experience anything like this again.
Isobel, sauna visitor at Compass Festival, Leeds

a perfect + empowering afternoon

One of very few things that can *actually* chill me out. A safe space to sit in alone and be with your thoughts. And full of chatter and joyous naked laughter when it’s full. What a treat, and a bold act to take time out to relax.

Warms you though to the bones

Not only cleansing for the body and spirit- such a wonderful vehicle for community and social cohesion. How can you not strike up conversation when 5 people are sat in swimwear in a horsebox! Blissful!!

Surreal moment on a rainy November evening.

An important pitstop in the centre of a city - important to connect and especially in this way given so much unrest, disconnection and fractions. Moments + events such as this remind us of the significance of interventions which invite us to connect with strangers, those who are unfamiliar and to realise what we have in common.

To take a break away from the everyday and sit in a sauna in the city you might think you will not hear anything but the city remains, the trains go by, the traffic behind and the cold, damp rain outside, but it’s a secret place of your own where you feel free of the world and anything is possible.

Gorgeous experience, blood pumping, thoughts flowing, eucalyptus steaming. Feels beautiful. Thank you!

Made me feel real good about my body. 

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