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WARMTH at the Antiuniversity, Manor House, London

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199 Eade Rd, London N4 1DN

A sauna guest experiencing the vihta, a Finnish tradition

A sauna guest experiencing the vihta, a Finnish tradition

Join us for a traditional Finnish wood-fired sauna in a converted horse trailer. Spend an hour with us at WARMTH, exploring the sauna as both a social space and an immersive sensory environment.

The sauna is an important institution in Finland, seen as a necessity as opposed to a luxury. To continue the Finnish tradition of taking a regular sauna on Saturdays, we'll be lighting the stove for the whole afternoon + evening.

Learn the art of making löyly
Use a birch or eucalyptus vihta
80c temperature approx
Capacity 5-6
Swimwear optional
Bring a towel
All genders
Croc-style slippers provided
Outdoor cold shower to cool down
Children must be accompanied

WARMTH creates a safe space to spend time, have conversations, and challenge preconceptions about the performance of the body in public. 

WARMTH is built in a converted horse trailer using Finnish timber and an Estonian wood-burning stove, taking inspiration from the Mobile Sauna Festival in Finland, the US-based DS Institute Mobile Sauna, and research trips to the Sauna Arla, Kotiharjun Sauna, Finnish Sauna Society + Kulttuurisauna in Helsinki.