WARMTH in 2019:
We’re going to be based in Sheffield for 2019, dates + locations TBC

The Ethos of WARMTH
The whole ethos of the WARMTH project is to create a non-judgemental, open + generous atmosphere, where all are respected. The sauna is purposefully low-lit, to draw focus away from the visual, and focus on the sensory. It is a time for relaxation and community. Simply stay in the sauna until you are too hot, then step outside until you can’t wait to get back in.

Swimwear Policy
We have a swimwear-optional policy, allowing people to follow traditions from Finland and Eastern Europe where saunas are taken without swimwear, just sitting on, or wrapped in a towel. We ask everyone to sit on a towel at all times. We clean the sauna benches each day + the high temperatures ensure that the sauna remains hygienic.

Single-gender sessions
We are aware that some people and cultural groups may prefer single gender sessions. We will aim to have one male and one female only session each weekend the sauna is open. Trans customers are welcome at WARMTH, please join our ‘all gender’ sessions, or whichever single-gender session matches your gender identity.

Guests Behaviour
We do not tolerate any disrespectful behaviour, or discrimination based on biological sex, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, cultural background, age, or physical or mental disability. Please let us know if you experience anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe whilst at WARMTH + we will do our best to put it right.

We have as few rules as possible; just enough so that everyone stays safe and has the best sauna experience,

We do not have timers or a clock inside the sauna. It is not a competition; we encourage you to listen to your own body + simply stay in the sauna until you are too hot, then step outside until you can’t wait to get back in! We always have cold water available between sauna sessions.

No glass or candles in the sauna
Drink plenty of water during and after your sauna
Don’t place anything on or near the stove
Sit on a towel whilst on the benches
Return hired towels, flip flops + mugs to reception

We have lockers to keep your belongings in, but you remain responsible for your property whilst on-site.

Children over 7 are welcome when accompanied by someone over 18. We recommend they have a short session and sit on the lower benches, which remain cooler.

We have the right to refuse admission to people who are under the influence of alcohol or behave in a disrespectful way towards staff or guests.

Please note: the sauna is dark inside, lit only by two small windows and the wood-burning stove. Glasses will steam up instantly! We recommend leaving them outside / in the changing room.

£10 entry
£2 towel hire

Flip flops, water + herb tea provided
Bring a towel
Swimwear optional

Last entry 30 min before closing
Payable by card or cash

Get a sense of the atmosphere of WARMTH with The Culture Vulture podcast:

Hear about how we set up the sauna for Compass Festival at Leeds Dock:


WARMTH is an independent project: our aim is to create the best quality wood-burning sauna experience, at affordable prices. We want to keep it that way; we are not interested in becoming corporate-sponsored. For us, it’s more important to get the social and sensory environment really right, and create a community of sauna-lovers.

In 2016 we received support from Compass Live Art and Arts Council England to set up our mobile sauna in 2016, and have been on the road with it ever since.

We are now hoping to raise £5000 to kit out a permanent yard in Sheffield. We’ll need to build a reception desk, changing rooms, lockers, shower, toilet, and relaxation area. Every £1 you donate will go to keeping our sauna prices low + the quality high.

We’ll be setting up a Patreon and Indiegogo to help get the yard started. In the mean time, fill out our CONTACT form and we’ll add you to our mailing list to hear updates about our progress.


Dates TBC
At our Sheffield Yard


Dates TBC
At our Sheffield Yard


Dates TBC
At our Sheffield Yard


Dates TBC
At our Sheffield Yard